Why the RV craze is spreading to other parts of Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona — RV rental companies like CarRV are popping up in Arizona.

But while they are helping to drive down rental rates, they are also putting up some competition in their business.

“People are looking for something different, they want something that has been customized for them,” said Michael Ritchie, president of the Arizona RV Association.

“RVs are a really versatile tool, they can be used for everything from camping to backpacking.”

Ritchie said RV rental prices have dropped in the past few years, but the industry is in an unusual place.

“I think people just don’t realize how much it has changed,” he said.

Ritchie and others say it is important for people to have options when they are looking to rent a RV, whether they are renting for a weekend or for a week-long stay.

The RV industry is booming in the US, fueled by demand from tourists and the rising cost of fuel.

But some states are looking more to the big-city model, and many are looking at ways to make rentals more affordable.

California and Nevada have banned some rental car companies from operating within their borders, and Arizona, with its large population of retirees and retirees-to-be, has also banned the use of rental car services.

Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey has also made it clear he does not support rental car industry activity.

But Ritchie and other RV owners are still hopeful that changes are coming soon.

This is a growing industry, he said, and we want to make sure people know there are alternatives.