Car rental company ‘furious’ after a girl says her friend is not wearing a hijab


(AP) Car rental companies in California and elsewhere have reacted with outrage to a girl’s statement that she and her friend were not wearing the hijab, after she said she had to leave her apartment building and was harassed by a man who was wearing the headscarf.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the two women in the video were renting a car together from a rental company in Aruba, California.

The woman who posted the video on Facebook says she had been invited to meet up with the group of about 20 young women in Aruban, a majority Muslim country.

When the girl asked for a car and a name, the man who rented the car responded, “I don’t wear a hijab.”

The Mercury News says the woman asked if she could take her name off the video, and the man said, “no.”

The woman posted the clip to her Facebook page Wednesday and said she was not sure if the man had told her she was wearing a “headscarf” and was being followed.

The Mercury reports that she told the company that she was worried about the safety of the group.

The company called the incident a “disgrace,” and the company apologized and said it was removing the video from its Facebook page.

The women said in the Facebook post that they didn’t know what to expect when they walked into the rental car, and that the man “seemed to be looking for a fight.”

They said they didn�t want to leave the car.

The man in the car also seemed to be acting aggressive toward the woman and threatened to call police if she was “not careful.”

The company that rents the rental cars says it does not discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs.

A statement from the company said in part, “Our employees are required to wear the appropriate religious headwear and clothing as part of our team uniform and to comply with all applicable laws, policies and rules, and our business is based on respectful and responsible working practices.”

It said the company has a code of conduct that prohibits discrimination and that it encourages employees to report incidents.

It did not say what kind of actions the company takes in response to such complaints.