How to Get a Car Rental in Australia

A new car rental scheme that has opened up in Australia could be the solution to many Australians’ car woes. 

CarRent is a rental program where you pay a fixed monthly fee and you rent a car, van or SUV for a period of time.

It’s a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, but already has a loyal following in many cities. 

For example, last month, the city of Melbourne had a peak of more than 500,000 new car renters. 

So what are car rental fees? 

Car rentals vary depending on your location and car type, but they can range from $300 for a simple 2-seater to $1,800 for a luxury sedan, SUV or sports car. 

You may be thinking: Why is this a bad idea?

The short answer is that the fees are quite low, and you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on your monthly rental.

The big problem is that you won’t be paying the full price of the rental. 

The basic fee for car rental is $400 per month. 

Depending on where you are and what you need, you could be paying between $800 and $2,500 for a car.

So what’s the catch?

The main catch is that if you’re not on a strict budget, car rental might not be the best option for you. 

In other words, if you can’t afford to pay the full rental price, the cheaper option may be to buy a car outright. 

To find out if your car rental fee is too low or too high, I spoke to a local car rental agency, CarRent Australia. 

First, I asked them to help me figure out what their average car rental price was. 

After some preliminary research, they agreed to give me a few simple guidelines: The cost of the car must be less than $300 to qualify. 

A car rental contract can include several options, including monthly payment, car insurance, and vehicle maintenance. 

This is the car rental company’s way of saying that the car is fully insured and covered for a full rental period. 

There must be no problems with repairs or repairs that you or your vehicle would have to do if you didn’t rent the car outright, such as a broken tail light, an intermittent electrical problem or an over-heated radiator. 

If you rent the vehicle for more than one month, your monthly payment must be $400. 

While the above is pretty simple, it doesn’t always make sense. 

Sometimes car rental agencies have to charge a percentage of the amount you rent out to cover some costs, such the maintenance, insurance, or other maintenance that you might incur if you don’t own the vehicle outright.

For example, if I rent a $300 car, I could rent it for about $600 a month, and have to pay for a $40 annual maintenance fee. 

And there are some things that can be cheaper than buying a new car.

For instance, if my car rental agent charges $600 for a new vehicle, it’s a lot less than the $800 that I could pay. 

That said, if your annual maintenance is only $100, you’re still saving money by buying a used car instead. 

But how much is too little? 

You could also try to find out what your car needs in the next rental contract you sign. 

Here are some examples: You may want to rent a smaller vehicle, or a sporty car that you want to keep as a backup for your car.

If you rent an SUV, you may want a smaller SUV than the sporty version, but still want a larger car.

You might want a car that is more fuel efficient than a larger vehicle. 

These are all examples that may make sense, but in reality, car rentals aren’t all that cheap, and there are a number of car rental services available in Australia.

If you want a more in-depth look at what car rental companies are offering in your area, check out our local car rentals page. 

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