How to get a car rental for a buck and a half, in Austin

Car rental giant aarp has rolled out a new app to let people rent cars for a little under $10 per day.

The service, which lets users choose from a wide variety of rental cars, will also offer the ability to pay by phone, email, PayPal, and even the app’s own website, which will allow users to pay via their bank accounts.

Aarp claims that this will allow people to save money on their car rental while still taking advantage of the convenience of a phone number and PayPal account.

The app is currently available only in Austin, Texas, and it’s unclear if it will be available elsewhere in the US.

AARP spokesperson Lauren Brown told me that the service has not been tested for a wide number of cities, so it’s not yet clear whether it’ll work in other places.

The company said that its app is “designed for people who want to rent cars, but are looking for flexibility.”

If you’re interested in finding a car that’s a little less expensive than the rental cars we list below, you can find a full list of car rentals from aarp here.