How do you find a good car rental company in Phoenix?

The Arizona Republic article Flagstaff, Arizona – Flagstaff Car Rentals is a car rental and transportation company that offers affordable car rental options in Flagstaff.

The company is currently recruiting employees.

The company’s owner, Dan Rennell, says he wants to continue offering affordable car rentals in Flagtown, especially since many of his employees are veterans.

“It’s not a place for us to go and rent,” Rennelle said.

“It’s a good place for them to get a car.”

The company started as a group of veteran car rental drivers in the 1980s.

It is one of several veterans-owned businesses in Arizona.

Rennells father, Chuck Rennella, is a retired U.S. Marine and former Navy SEAL.

Chuck retired from the U.K. armed forces and is now the CEO of Rennelli Car Rental.

“Our goal is to make a better, safer, more affordable place to rent,” he said.

The Arizona Republic first reported about Flagstaff’s car rental industry in September.

The car rental business is not new.

The Rennels are veterans of the Navy who used to drive for the company, Rennel said.

But now, they work in a variety of other roles, including marketing, human resources and operations.

Rennell said Flagstaff has become a popular location for veterans to rent their vehicles.

“I think it’s great for veterans, because veterans are very happy with their cars,” Rawnell said.

He said he is excited about the company’s future.

“We’ve had to do a lot of changes in our business.

But I’m really excited about that, because we are a veteran-owned company, and it’s a lot more affordable than a lot, you know, other vets’ cars,” he added.

Flagstaff’s city council recently approved a $1 million bond measure that will fund new car rental locations and a downtown office space.

The proposed bond measure is the latest attempt to revitalize the downtown area, where the majority of the car rental businesses are located.

The city is currently considering the idea of creating an automotive center downtown.

Rawnell expects that to happen within the next year or two.