A look at car rentals in Memphis, where some are free and some are paying for your drive home

Car rental companies in Memphis have been around for decades, but it’s been about to get a little bit easier.

With the Memphis Parking Authority (MPA) moving forward with a new plan to allow car rental companies to be a part of the city’s parking infrastructure, many of them are eager to take advantage.

Here are 10 car rental sites that offer a wide range of car options in Memphis.

Read on to see which one you can rent in Memphis and whether you can make a reasonable monthly payment.1.

The Green Acres Car RentalsIn downtown Memphis, there are plenty of parking spots available for cars, but not every one is a car rental.

So Green Acre Car Rentings has come up with a free car rental for people who want to get out of the hustle and bustle of downtown and find a quiet place to park.

If you’re looking for something to do while you wait for your car to arrive, you’ll be glad to know that you can get a free parking spot at the car rental counter.

Just make sure you get your rental quote before you leave, or the counter will charge you more.2.

Memphis RentalsCar rental company The GreenAcres offers free car rentals at the counter for anyone who wants to get their car out of their car and into the city.

Just put in your name and you can book your free car with no obligation.

They also have car rental pickups at the Memphis Gas & Electric plant and the Metro Center in downtown Memphis.3.

Memphis-based Green Acas has an app that lets you rent a car.

The app also has a monthly fee for a car that can be charged at the checkout line, so make sure to get the app if you want a free rental.4.

Memphis Rental CompanyGreen Acres car rental company Memphis Renters has been around since 2008, but they’re still a family-owned company that’s open to the public.

They have a car waiting list and will help you get a rental on the spot.

They offer a $2 discount per car rental and the most convenient car rental pickup.5.

Bluebird Memphis Bluebird has been in business since 2000 and has an impressive network of car rental outlets across the state.

Bluebirds has a car parking lot in downtown and will be offering a free vehicle rental at the cash register.6.

Memphis RV RentalThe Memphis RV Rentals car rental site is another company that provides free car services, including car rental to people who need to go somewhere on a short trip.

Just call the rental office at 706-522-9100 and pick up your rental car with the app.7.

The RV Renters car rental location in downtown is a little closer to downtown, but there’s still plenty of car parking to be found in the area.

The site also has pick-up and drop-off locations in downtown, the MetroCenter, and the Gas & Elec.


The Memphis-born RV Rentable car rental service has been operating in the city since 2012.

The company’s car rental kiosks are located in the Gas and Elec plant, and they have a pick-your-own car rental program.9.

Memphis Vacation Rentals Memphis Vacations car rental is a free service that can help people who are traveling away from home for a weekend or vacation.

You can rent cars with a one-time fee, but you can also use the site to pick-ups and drop off cars.10.

Memphis car rental app The GreenACres offers a car hire app for free.

It also has car rental centers throughout downtown, and you’ll have to pay the $2 fee if you need to pick up a car at a pickup location.