A car rental company in Florida is trying to cash in on the craze of a new car dolly


— A car dollying company is taking advantage of the popularity of the new “skyscaler” car rental service to capitalize on the trend of renting cars with a dolly.

The dolly is a doll that plugs into the dashboard and acts like a second camera.

Skyscanners and car rental companies are selling dollies that come with cameras attached to the vehicle’s dashboard, allowing customers to record videos from the vehicle.

In February, the company that started selling the dolly in Florida, Skyscanning, began selling it in New Orleans and other cities.

This week, the Dolly Hut of Louisiana opened a shop in Shreveport.

It sells dolls with cameras on the dashboard of their cars, but also has dollies with cameras mounted on their windows.

“The trend is very real,” said Lisa Gressel, the vice president of operations at Skyscalers.

“People are having a great time with their cars.

There are plenty of opportunities.”

Gressel said she was not aware of the dollies being advertised in Florida.

She said the dollys are a great investment for people who have no experience with dollies and are looking for a way to save money.

Gresse said she and her husband, Jeff, have a 3-year-old son.

A woman in New York called the company in February to ask for a doll to use as a doll and to tell him she was going to use it to rent her SUV, she said.

The customer told the woman that she had just purchased a car with a skyscalered dashboard, and she needed to get a doll from a local car rental shop.

That customer called back and said she had been using the doll to record a video of her driving home and the car she was renting.

She said she asked the owner of the shop to get rid of the camera and replace it with a video camera so she could record her driving.

So far, she has rented more than 20 cars with the doll.

Shreveport Police Capt. Scott Schafer said the store sells the doll and has a video that shows the driver of the rented vehicle.

He said they have not seen any complaints about the dollydots, but he is concerned about their safety.

Schafer said that while the dollypod is not considered a criminal offense, he wants to see the company’s safety standards and procedures, including how long they keep them at home and how they ensure they are not stolen.

He asked for more information about the safety of the dolls.