Which of the new airports will take the next passenger in line?

President Trump is expected to announce the opening of more than 50 new airports in his first year in office, as the U.S. continues to struggle with a new global pandemic and is struggling to rebuild.

The White House on Thursday said the administration is targeting new airports with more than 200 flights per week and a $1 billion investment.

Trump will announce the new additions in the coming weeks, and the announcement could come during his trip to the region later this month.

The administration said it is also working on the construction of a new terminal at the Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

Trump has promised to open the airports during his first month in office.

The president has already said that his goal is to have the entire U. S. economy booming by 2022.

But with the new administration taking office, Trump is still struggling to build a plan to keep up with the expected surge in travelers.

The National Association of Manufacturers, which represents about 75,000 companies, said in a statement that it is “not yet clear” whether Trump is willing to continue the aggressive expansion of existing airports or expand them.

It said that Trump has already begun using executive orders to “make it harder for U.s. airlines to compete with foreign competitors,” including cutting back on the number of international flights, and that he is “reinforcing his own regulations to stifle competition from international carriers, including those that do business in the United States.”

But the union representing federal workers said the new plans are too little, too late, and could undermine public health efforts to contain the pandemic.

“Today’s announcement may seem like a good thing in theory, but the reality is that it does nothing to help the public health situation and the country is at a dangerous place,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

“These new plans only make the problem worse.”

The new airports could come as soon as the end of the year, Trumkas union said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump said during his January visit to California that he would be the first president in modern history to fly in the first commercial airplane to the U, adding that he wanted to go “a few thousand miles” and see the city.

U.S.-China relations have been in turmoil since the election of President Xi Jinping, who has vowed to crack down on Beijing’s alleged cyber attacks against the U in an attempt to undermine Trump’s presidency.

China has repeatedly warned that the United Nations Security Council could take action against China if Trump continues to push for a stronger military posture toward the country.

President Trump speaks to reporters during a meeting at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 11, 2021.