A car rental company can’t blame a homeowner for leaving the key for the car running

Car rental companies are taking steps to avoid losing a car to theft after they were told by homeowners that the key would have to be left at the door.

In a report by The Wall Street Journal, Car Rental Phoenix says it has been asked to provide keys for car rental cars to be stolen in the future, but only after the homeowners have given their consent to the company to use their property.

The company has been instructed to take steps to protect its cars against potential theft, but the company is not saying how or when it intends to do so.

Car Rotation, which provides car rentals in some cities, told the Journal that it has asked to replace the keys, but it declined to provide a time frame.

The car rental industry has been in a state of flux as homeowners increasingly use their cars as a means to commute, shop and take trips, but many renters still use keys to open locks, lock their cars and pay for repairs.

In February, a Florida couple was arrested after they left their keys at a house they rented for three weeks, leaving the lock to fall into the wrong pocket.

In another recent case, a Texas man was charged with burglary after he left his keys at the home of a relative while the door was locked.