How to get a car rental in Toronto without a car

By JENNIFER GOLDBERG Editor & Editor May 02, 2019 09:19:55A new study has found that the most popular method of car rental across the GTA is by carpooling.

The study, conducted by Toronto-based Carpooling Canada, found that a total of 7,741 people participated in the study.

Of those, 2,638 carpooled.

“Over 75% of participants agreed that they would like to rent a car if it were offered,” the report read.

Another 1,624 people said they would use their own car, and 3,084 said they did not plan on using a car at all.

One in five respondents said they have a partner who will be willing to drive a car for them.

More than 1,100 people said the main reason they did carpool was to save money.

Some respondents said their primary goal is to save on gas and get to work in time for their shift.

“The primary driver of carpools is convenience,” the study stated.

But the study also found that people who did not have a car also tended to drive to work less, and more often than those who did.

It was also found there were higher rates of accidents and injuries among those who had a car.

This study was the first to find a link between carpoolers’ use of a vehicle and safety.

In fact, a previous study by Toronto City Council’s Safety, Streets and Cycle Plan found that carpool rates were much higher in Toronto compared to other cities in Canada.

However, the study did not examine how the safety impact of car pooling was different from the impact of renting a car on the health and wellbeing of car-poolers.

Despite the study finding that more than 75% carpool people agreed that their primary motivation was to use a car, the research found that most people who drove to work or other work-related activities did not drive a vehicle, according to the study’s authors.

While the study found that 73% of car users drove to or from work, the researchers also found those who drove more often were more likely to be involved in car crashes.

Carpoolers are also more likely than renters to get into car crashes, the report noted.

With a recent report by the city council, Toronto’s Safety and Cycle Planning, and the city’s Traffic and Safety Committee, the city announced that it was launching a pilot project to look at the health benefits of car sharing in Toronto.

If successful, the pilot project will include carpool lanes in the city centre and the Scarborough subway station.

Toronto also said it would launch a pilot program to evaluate car sharing as an alternative to car rental services.

Earlier this month, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that his city would expand the city to more than 200,000 people by 2030.

Last month, the City of Toronto also announced it would create a $15 million fund to support the citys efforts to improve mobility for residents.