‘I am a victim of the police’: Man dies in police custody

KARACHI, Pakistan – The death of a 30-year-old man after being arrested by police on suspicion of possessing child pornography was recorded on video, his family said on Saturday.

The video shows the arrest by police in a car on Tuesday in Karachi’s Karkamal district, their lawyer and family said.

It shows the driver of the car hitting a car in front of him before crashing, and police then handcuffing the man and taking him away.

The family said they had asked for the video to be released after the video was posted on YouTube.

They said the video showed that police were violating the right to life and the right not to be harassed and detained.

Police have not commented on the video.

The case has drawn widespread criticism from human rights groups and rights activists.

It was not immediately clear whether the police had any legal recourse to file a complaint.

A group of lawyers representing the family has called for an independent inquiry.

The lawyer, Mohammad Ismail, said the police did not provide him with the video showing the arrest.

The car is believed to be registered to a man named Asif Ali Khan.

He said his clients were being kept in custody without charge, and said that Khan had been arrested on suspicion that he had sexually assaulted a minor girl in a vehicle he was driving.

They were held in a cell for two days, Ismail said.

Khan is in police detention and facing charges of kidnapping, unlawful confinement and violating the rights of his son, who has not been named.

The lawyers said Khan was released on bail on Wednesday after the family filed a petition against him.

“The police did nothing but treat us like animals,” said Ali Khan, whose wife, Fauzi, was also arrested.

“We have asked for this video to come out so the people can see that the police do not treat us as human beings,” he said.

His lawyer said Khan had lodged a complaint with the police station on Wednesday, but they had failed to provide him any information.

“It is a sad situation.

We have been waiting for this for more than two years,” Khan said.

The incident has triggered anger among human rights activists, with Human Rights Watch calling on Pakistan’s government to ensure the rights and freedoms of all citizens are protected.

The organization has also called for the release of all detainees.

Human Rights Day is observed every year in Pakistan on March 15.

Police officers have been involved in a spate of killings of demonstrators and activists since a military coup in May.

Hundreds of people were killed in anti-government protests in the capital last year, and at least 15 people have been killed by security forces in protests since then. ____