Car rental company offers ‘Best of Texas’ prices for 2019

A new company is offering car rental and car rental company services to Texas customers, with prices that are significantly cheaper than car rental services in other states.

The CarRental, a company that has offices in Lubbock and Cedar Rapids, says it offers rental rates that range from $10 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on the vehicle.

The company has a presence in several other Texas markets, including Austin, Fort Worth and Houston.

CarRental also offers car rentals in some other states, including Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas and Michigan.

The companies website states that its rental rates are “based on the cost of fuel in your area, plus a 3-5% down payment.”

While CarRlease is offering a variety of rates, including $30 per hour for a four-wheel drive vehicle, the company does not provide pricing for rental vehicles, nor do they provide an average price.

The company did say that it provides car rentals with a number of different vehicle types, including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, trucks and SUVs with a tow capability, and small vans.

The rental rates also include a 5% down and a 3% financing option.

The Lubbocks CarRailer, which also has offices at Cedar Rapids and Lubbocker, also has a website that includes rates for cars, vans, SUVS and SUHVs.

It also offers rental options for both cars and vans.