The first American woman to fly to the Middle East to help fight ISIS

The first woman to ever fly solo from the United States to the fight against ISIS is joining a military team in Iraq.

Holly Halsey, 29, will join the American-led coalition of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq, where she will be training Kurdish fighters and coordinating airstrikes with Kurdish troops.

Halsey joined the U.S.-led coalition in September to help train Kurdish forces and provide air support to Iraqi forces.

Hail of bullets from the U: “A beautiful day on the town”Halseys first mission will be in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on Aug. 6.

She has previously served in Iraq and Syria, and will also travel to Iraq to train Peshmerga fighters.

The Kurds and their allies have been fighting Islamic State, the group that has captured large swaths of Iraq and northern Syria.

Iraqi officials have said Halseys deployment will be temporary, and she will return to her home state of New Jersey soon.