What is Lyft Car?

Car rental startup Lyft is building a new service that’s built on its car sharing platform.

The service is being designed for the US, Canada, and Latin America, but the US could be an option in the future, the company said on its blog.

“In a few months, we plan to launch Lyft Car in the US,” the blog post said.

“We are committed to making Lyft Car the safest and most reliable car sharing service available in the United States, Canada and Latin American markets.”

Lyft currently operates in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia, with plans to expand to the Middle East and Africa.

For the US market, Lyft plans to launch with cars owned by people who are renting cars from Lyft.

The startup also plans to partner with car rental companies, offering discounts on their cars.

The company has launched a beta program in the past, but there’s no word on when that will happen.

Lyft has also partnered with Ford to offer cars to drivers who sign up for a ride from their car.

Lyft and Ford have been working together to help drivers get better deals.