What you need to know about car rentals in Milwaukee

The car rental industry is booming, but it can also be a tough time to find one in your area.

We’ve compiled some of the best deals around.


Car rental in Milwaukee – You can rent a car in Milwaukee.

Car rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis from July 10 through October 14.

Call (414) 974-5272 to book your next car rental in the city.


Car leasing – There are thousands of car leases in Milwaukee, and many are available for lease.

Call or email for an appointment.

Contact John Stoddard at [email protected] for more information.


Car sales – Cars are going for as much as $500 per day, and you’ll need to get the car in great condition to qualify for a lease.

Visit www.sjwh.org to get your car inspected for rust and other damage.


Car loans – There’s no need to wait for a car loan to become available, but you may want to consider financing a car before it becomes available.

Visit auto loan.gov for more details.


Motorcycles and bikes – For a little extra money, there are a lot of great deals on the motorcycles and bicycles in Milwaukee as well.

Visit mtbikemarketing.com for more info.


Rentals on bikes – Some people may prefer to rent bikes, and if you have a good bike, you can rent them for less than you would a car.

Visit the Milwaukee Bike Network for more tips.


Renting a car – If you want to buy a car, you need the right car.

You can buy a used car from a used dealership or from a fleet of certified private hire vehicles.

If you have no idea how much you’ll spend, visit www.buyingacrossstate.org or call 800-331-8585.


Driving in Milwaukee- The state has some of Wisconsin’s strictest driving laws, and it’s a good idea to know your rights and responsibilities.

Visit https://drivewisconsin.org/law.html for more.


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State parks and recreation – Visit the Wisconsin State Parks website for current park closures, hours and special events.


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State libraries – Visit state.legislation.state.gov and download the Legislative Information Manual for a quick guide to current law.


Schools – The state provides free and low-cost public school classes for all students in the state, and the Milwaukee Public Schools offers free and reduced-cost private school classes.


Free parking in Milwaukee and Madison – There is free parking in the Milwaukee area, including the city limits and some of its suburbs.

Call the Milwaukee Parking Authority at (414 ) 439-3475 to request a free parking spot.


Food Trucks in Milwaukee City and Milwaukee County – Visit http://www.freightfoodtruck.com/milwaukee-city-county-food-truck-info/ for a list of trucks in the area.


Schools and day care centers – Visit daycare.org and get more information on local day care providers.


State and local parks and wildlife – Visit Wisconsin’s parks and parks for more state and local information.


Free transportation in Milwaukee County and Milwaukee City – Free transportation is available in Milwaukee county and Milwaukee city from the Milwaukee County Public Transportation Authority at 714-543-7000, or visit the Milwaukee Parks and Recreation website for more county and city information.


Wisconsin Public Broadcasting – Visit wbpr.org.


The Wisconsin Historical Society – Visit our website for information on historical Milwaukee topics, including Milwaukee and the history of the state.


University of Wisconsin-Madison – Visit campus.uw.edu/history.


The Milwaukee Public Library – Visit Milwaukee Public Libraries website for the latest news.


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