Which car rental company in DFW has the best price?

The car rental industry is a $60 billion industry in the United States, and it’s booming.

But as many are discovering, car rental companies in Denton are not always up to snuff.

The Texas cities where most people travel to work are also home to some of the most expensive car rentals in the nation, according to an analysis by CarMax.

The Dallas area is second-costliest.

The city has the most rental companies, with some $22.5 billion in annual revenue.

The next-highest-priced city is Lubbock with $11.8 billion in revenue.

But Denton’s ranking is more interesting than just the ranking.

It’s a ranking of the cheapest car rental services by the median rent paid.

The average monthly rent for a car rental in Dixie is $3,064.

DFW is ranked 10th on the list.

It ranks 10th in terms of average monthly cost per month, and the next-most expensive are Austin with $5,971 and Dallas with $6,869.

The most expensive cities are Lubbocks with $4,716 and Houston with $3: $624 and $3.

The least expensive are Laredo and Fort Worth with $2: $1,945 and $2.