When the car rental business was dying, Uber won

After a brief run, Uber’s taxi business, which had its roots in an app called GrabTaxi, is about to make a comeback.

With more than 2,000 active drivers, Uber said on Wednesday it is in talks to buy GrabTaxis in a deal valued at around $3.8 billion.

The purchase, if approved, would make Uber the world’s biggest ride-sharing company.

The acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter.

Uber, a $18 billion venture backed by Alphabet Inc. , is expected not to have a stake in GrabTaxicoes operations.

Uber said in a blog post that the acquisition would give GrabTaxes a better chance to survive, but it would not say how much.

“This acquisition is about giving GrabTaxys drivers a better, more competitive deal and giving Grab’s team more time to focus on building the business and bringing GrabTaxies to market,” Uber wrote.

Uber is already operating a taxi service in India, which is dominated by taxi drivers, and in China.

GrabTaxs drivers, who were not named in the blog post, make about $25,000 a month, with drivers earning an average of $11,500, the company said.

Uber has been trying to scale up its services in India and China, where UberX, a competitor to GrabTaxics, has been offering Uber rides.

In India, GrabTaxy is the top-selling Uber service in terms of monthly revenue.

The company said it expects the GrabTaxipro service to add another $2 billion in annual revenues in India in the next three years.

Uber declined to provide specific details about the deal.

The GrabTaxiy service is Uber’s third venture.

Uber’s acquisition of GrabTax, which operates in China, was announced last month.

In the United States, Grab is a ride-hailing company that lets drivers hail vehicles through smartphone apps.

It also has a separate app called UberX that lets people book rides.