MSP’s car rental company to make its debut at MCG

The launch of a car rental platform has been delayed by the company’s merger with rival car rental provider BNA.

MSP Cars has announced it will make its first car rental services available on the MCG, with car rental longhauls and luxury cars.

It has already been able to sell car rentals on its app through a partnership with MCG Car Rentals.

“With the launch of the new car rental platforms, MSP Cars will be able to provide a new option to our customers and their guests,” said chief operating officer Mike Mott, in a statement.

He said the company had been working with the MCGM’s car parking facilities to launch the services in 2018.

Mott said the new platform would be the largest car rental business in Australia and would offer a “great range of car rental and car rental options”.

“Our customers have expressed a desire for our new car rentals platform to offer the best car rental service and the best rates,” he said.

The MCGM has been rocked by a string of bankruptcies in recent years.

In October, the MCM Group’s parent company, Metro, sold off its car rental division and announced it would be shutting down in 2019.

And in March, Metro’s CEO, John Graham, announced his company was planning to close down its car rentals division.

MSp Cars is part of the MCI Group, which also includes the Australian Property Investors (API) group and the Property Investor Group (PIG).