Why you shouldn’t pay $10 for a car rental in Ind.

The state of Indiana has a new law that requires car rental companies to provide renters with a valid credit card or a government-issued ID card in order to rent cars.

The law, which went into effect on Tuesday, will require rental companies like car rental company The Garage, CarLite, and Car2go to provide valid IDs to renters, which could mean more than $10 to rent a car.

The law applies to car rentals in Indianapolis, which have been a hot spot for car theft in recent years.

Last year, the number of car thefts in Indianapolis dropped to the lowest level since 2006.

Since then, however, the city has seen a dramatic increase in car thefts.

The number of reported car thefts has spiked in the past year, with 1,846 reported thefts in December of last year compared to 1,054 in November of this year.

The City of Indianapolis is responsible for tracking the crime rate in the city, but that doesn’t guarantee that the city will be able to track the rate of car theft.

Indiana’s new law is not the first law in the nation to require a credit card to rent out cars.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts became the third state in the country to require credit cards to rent car rental cars.

According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts is also the second state in America to require that the vehicle owners be able and willing to provide a credit report to the company.

Car rental companies in Indiana will be required to provide IDs to their customers to rent or lease a car, according to the Indiana Department of Revenue.

The ID card must be issued by the local government.

A car rental agency will not be allowed to refuse to rent the vehicle if the car rental is for more than the current rental fee.

If a company does not provide ID cards to renters or if a tenant fails to provide the proper ID, the rental company will be deemed to be in default and the customer will have to pay the full rental fee, which is not covered by the credit card.

Renters who rent cars for a fee of more than 25 percent of the monthly rental fee will be subject to a penalty of up to $250.

The maximum fine is $500.